Our Approach

Looking for day out on the glimmering, crystal waters of the Red Sea?
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We take you to the most idyllic islands, a paradise on the water around El Gouna!

Island Hoppers is the only port of call in El Gouna, to take you from El Gouna to Mahmya, no more travelling to Hurghada, we will have you on your way with minimum fuss or hassle, leave the organising to us, so you can relax and enjoy your trip.

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What do we do?

Island Hoppers gives you a platter of destination choices for your boat trip, whether it be a dreamy day on an island, a lagoon trip around El Gouna or relaxing in the nearby waters of Bayoud, not to mention the activities you can choose from.

Why choose us? Well, we are the first (and only!) boat charter company with a 'point of sale' office in El Gouna.
That means you can drop into our office on your morning walk around the marina. There's no going out of your way to find us, after all this is your holiday.
We are right in the centre of El Gouna, making your impulsive boat trip or long awaited day out, as easy and enjoyable as possible for you.

We will provide you with ice and soft drinks, as well as giving you the option of some snacks from our specially selected caterers.

The Island Hoppers team has a broad knowledge of all things water related, whether it's owning a watersports centre, owning and captaining their personal boat, having almost 2 decades of diving instructor experience, or, owning a tour operator company, our founders and managers know the A-Z's. We have experience on our side.

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Our Story

Island Hoppers, as an idea, emerged in 2017.

El Gouna is one of the hubs of Egypt, popular for tourists from all over the world, and a weekend break for locals travelling from all parts of the country.

The more time we spent enjoying the beauty that is El Gouna, the more we realised that this is an experience that should be accessible to people whether they have a boat or not!

As residents of El Gouna, we frequent some of the islands here for our own leisure, however, if you want to visit Mahmya and have no boat of your own, you have to travel to the main city, Hurghada. While this isn't exactly a lifetime away, it was our goal to create a shortcut for the people in El Gouna, we wanted to make it so much easier for you.

So here we are, the ONLY boat charter company in El Gouna, waiting for you to hop on board!

Meet the Team

The people who make our business run.


Hatem Adam

Founder & CEO


Naomi Bateman

Marketing & Social Media

Next Steps...

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